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Dr. Zahir I Kazi was elected president of Anjuma I Islam, a century old largest educational and social welfare organization, in November 2009. In this role, he chairs the Council of Anjuman I Islam Board. Dr. Zahir I Kazi has enjoyed a long and varied career in Medical, Academy and Social activities. Qualification wise, Dr. Zahir I Kazi has an M.D, DMRD, M.B.B.S (University of Mumbai), FMRI (U.S.A), MAIUM (U.S.A.) degrees attibuted to his acheivements. Within Anjuma I Islam, he held a quite a number of trustworthy positions before finally becoming the President. Before achieving the position of a President within Anjuman I Islam, he was an Elected and held the position of Member of General Council of Anjuman I Islam 20 years, held the position of Executive chaiman, board of Tibbia College and Hospital and finally the Honorable General Secretary.


Dr. Zahir I Kazi has many Awards and Acheivements for his contributions. To name a few, he

* Represented India at 12th youth goodwill mission to Japan


* Was awarded for his outstanding service in field of medicine by EKTA foundation and in the field of Education by SEWAA at the hands of then Chief Minister of Maharashtra


* Ex-President of Goa Medical College Students Union


* Ex-Members of students council University of Mumbai


* Ex-Secretary of Doctors club of Bombay Hospital


* Member of Sub Committee for Club Affiliation, Mumbai Cricket Association


* Awarded best all round student in MBBS


* Won various awards in debate and elocution competition

DR. SHAIKH ABDULLAH GULAM MOHAMMED was elected as the Vice-President of Anjuman-I-Islam, a century old largest educational and social welfare organization.

In his role he acts as the Vice-President of Anjuman-i-Islam and Incharge MHSS College of Engineering. Dr. Shaikh Abdullah Gulam Mohammed has enjoyed a long and varied careers in academic and social activities.

He is decorated with highest educational qualification. He is Ph.D. in Urdu literature and has written a book also.

He is associated with Anjuman-i-Islam since long as the elected member of General Council of Anjuman-i-Islam for more than 25 years. Before coming on the position of Vice-President of Anjuman-i-Islam he was active in the organization on different positions as the Executive Chairman of Anjuman-i-Islam Panchgani Public School and as the Chairman of Anjuman-i-Islam's Allana School & Jr. College Campus, Kurla. Presently he perform his duties as the member of board of Anjuman-i-Islam's V.M.D.M. Orphanage at Pune and of Karimi Library as well. Alongwith Anjuman-i-Islam he is socially active in the other educational & social forums, serving as the President of Maharashtra Urdu High School, Halavpool Muslim Welfare Association and Vice-President of Ideal Education Movement, Mumbai. He gives his precious time on the position of Chairman, to Majrooh Academy and A.S. Siddiquee Foundation.

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